Alert: Beats Music content expires on January 19th

Beats Music goodbye

For any Beats Music users who haven't migrated their music, preferences, playlists, and other content to Apple Music, time is running out. Apple announced a deadline of January 19, 2016, after which Beats Music account information will be deleted. Beats Music service was replaced by Apple Music and officially went off the air on November 30.

Existing Beats Music subscribers with an unused balance on their account will receive an iTunes credit. When it comes to transferring Beats Music playlists and content to Apple Music, everything is automatically migrated when signing up for Apple Music.

To start the Apple Music transfer process open the Beats Music app and follow the prompts to join Apple Music. After the new account is confirmed, Beats Music data will be transferred automatically in the background.

The following list Beats Music content can be transferred to Apple Music, and will expire on January 19:

- Beats Music library
- Beats Music playlists
- Beats Music username or handle
- Artists and curators followed
- Playlists created by editors and curators
- Playlists created by friends you are subscribed to

Note that some playlists may not transfer if the music is not available in Apple Music. Beats Music users may also need to choose a new username, in cases where their existing handle has already been used on Apple Music. After January 19th, no Beats Music data will be accessible.

Apple Music offers a free 3-month trial membership to everyone, including former Beats Music subscribers.