BodyGuardz launches new 2-way tempered SpyGlass for ultimate privacy

BodyGuardz SpyGlass

While there are a lot of ways to keep your iPhone secure and private, there isn't many that protect your device from nosy snoopers in public places. BodyGuardz has launched a new screen protector that not only protects your device from damage, but it also prevents wandering eyes from seeing what's on your display. The SpyGlass screen protector features tempered glass that is only clear when viewed directly. This allows users to access private data in public without the worry of onlookers catching a glimpse of their personal or work related information.

Leslie Greve, BodyGuardz Director of Brand Management believes that SpyGlass is the perfect solution for those who "work on their device from public areas." It is also a great option for those who just value their privacy, or want to gossip about coworkers without being caught. Even if you don't work on super secret documents while in public, we've all wanted to privately use our iPhone when standing in a long line or on crowded public transportation. SpyGlass aims to put your mind at ease that you are the only one who can see what is on your display while in crowded areas.

The 2-way privacy film is designed to be clear when you view your device directly, but it darkens when viewed at 45 degrees blocking visibility from people on either side. SpyGlass only works when your device is vertical, so you can share information with others by holding it in landscape mode.

SpyGlass features 2-way privacy protection, impact, scratch and anti-smudge protection . It is available for the iPhone 6 and 6s lineups, and select Android devices, such as the Galaxy S6. It is available now through for $34.95.