Does the iPhone SE have wireless charging?

Belkin wireless charger

iPhone SE (2nd generation)

Yes, the 2020 iPhone SE has wireless charging on board. Any Qi-compatible wireless charger can be used to charge the iPhone SE through the back panel of the phone.

The iPhone SE also features fast-charging. With an 18 watt or higher adapter, the iPhone SE can charge up to 50 percent of its battery power in 30 minutes. Both Qi wireless chargers and fast-charging capable chargers are sold separately.

iPhone SE (1st generation)

No, the iPhone SE charges via the Lightning port on the bottom of the phone.

Much like its predecessor the iPhone 5s, and every other model currently in the iPhone lineup, the iPhone SE ships with a USB Power Adapter. A Lightning to USB cable is also included, which can be used to charge the iPhone SE using the power adapter or a computer.

Apple offers a Lightning dock accessory, which can also be used for charging and is sold separately.