Verizon iPhone in 2010? Apple and Verizon in Talks

Look out Verizon fans, the iPhone may be coming sooner than you think. AT&T must be nervous considering reports that the other wireless giant, Verizon Wireless, is currently in high-level talks with Apple about the iPhone. Vodafone, the co-owner of Verizon Wireless, already offers the iPhone in European markets.

apple iphone verizon carrier

It's possible that Apple is considering a CDMA version of the iPhone after all. Observers are predicting that if Verizon and Apple can strike a deal, the iPhone will hit Verizon shelves as early as 2010. AT&T has been trying to extent its exclusive arrangement with Apple beyond its expiration sometime next year into 2011.

Apple has the iPhone, and is clearly trying to negotiate the best deal it can. More carriers for the hardware just means more customers lining up to download apps and music from iTunes, and more money in Apple's pocket. AT&T reported that mobile data revenue increased 40 percent, and 1.6 million customers started iPhone data plans in the first quarter of 2009.

Verizon benefits by cutting into AT&T market share for the iPhone and charging subscribers for this bandwidth. Verizon wireless currently has close to 87 million customers, compared to AT&T with just over 78 million customers.


never heard of verizon
anyway i live in the UK and will the carrier be changing over here.
i think O2 will still be the carrier for the 4g
i know the newest one out is called the 3GS so will the one after that be called the 4G

verizon sucks and at&t will sill have the iphone even if verizon gets the iphone at&t is still gunna be #1

what at&t suck so that why when with the iphone and still today verizon is best