Take down your taxes in record time with Taxfyle


Uh-oh, it happened again. You swore your tax filing deadline wouldn’t be “As late as possible” this year and yet you’re taking to Google again to ask “What is the absolute latest date that you can file your taxes?”

If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone in your procrastination. Whether it’s the prospect of having to pay a huge sum or just a fear of the paperwork, there’s no worse time of year than tax time and it only gets worse the closer things get to that due date.

Luckily, these days you are far from alone. Along with the wealth of information out there on filing more complete taxes, we are also gifted with a variety of apps that aim to make filing as painless as possible. Of course, choosing between the many apps out there can often present a headache equal to that of the taxes themselves.

This year, though, a new option has come along that is already earning a reputation for the very best option available.

It’s called Taxfyle and it’s actually quite brilliant. Unlike many popular tax apps built as companions to websites, Taxfyle is designed as an app from the ground up. This affords it a great number of presentation advantages that greatly expedite many of the more mundane parts of the entry process through things like simple pop-up boxes for yes and no questions and the ability to import pictures of your previous returns and W2s in order to expedite the process.

What this all means is that Taxfyle is one of the only filing apps out there designed intelligently to allow you to complete your taxes in record time. You are able to get a quote in as little as 60 seconds and the filing process itself can take under an hour even for more complex taxes thanks to the simplified input methods. The best part is that all this speed does not come at the sacrifice of quality as Taxfyle allows you to communicate with CPAs on-staff at Taxfyle via a built-in chat function.

Taxfyle is being touted as the Uber of doing taxes and it’s a fairly apt comparison. The speed and ease of which you are able to a return is without peer and once you experience the process this way it’s hard to go back to anything else.

Taxfyle is free to download, although there will be service and filing fees should you choose to complete your the process through the app. If you’ve got a hefty amount of taxes in front of you and are looking for the least painful way to get them done in time, then Taxfyle may just be what you’re looking for.