How do I catch/friend the rare Yo-kai in Wibble Wobble?

Where can I find the rare Yo-kai in Wibble Wobble?

After you have defeated McKraken and finished exploring Hooligan Road it is time to go back and find all the hidden rare Yo-kai in Wibble Wobble. There are several hard-to-find Yo-Kai hidden around the various stages of the game. These Yo-kai randomly appear in regular battles and this is the only way you can friend them and add them to your roster. It is best to have Shmoopie on your roster and make sure you are stocked up on the right treats to win over the rare Yo-kai.

Here is a list of rare Yo-kai, the stages they appear in and the treats you will need to friend them:

  • Noko (Nom Burger) Noko is the easiest random Yo-kai to friend since he appears on almost any stage.
  • K'mon-K'mon (Belly Buster Curry) K'mon appears on stage 11 in Uptwon Springdale.
  • Whapir (VoltXtreme) Whapir can be found on stages 23 and 33 of Mt. Wildwood.
  • Agon (Candy Apple) Agon likes to hang out on stage 49 with Boyclops in Blossom Heights.
  • Lava Lord (Fat Tuna Sushi) Lava Lord is found on stages 67 and 82 in Downtown Springdale.
  • Nul (???) Nul randonly appears on stages 96 and 109.
  • Tunic (???) Tunic can be found on stages 131 and 133.
  • Auntie Heart (???) Heart very rarely appears on stage 157 on Excellent Tower.
  • Stalking (Top-Class Odin) Stalking is available on stage 179 of Yo-kai World

You will need to play these stages over and over until the Yo-kai you're looking for appears. Make sure you stock up on treats, spirit and Y-Money because you will need it all to completely fill your Medallium.

Other rare Yo-kai are found in the Crank-a-kai machine, through evolution, through fusion, as bosses in the hidden stages, by completing certain missions and by filling in your Medallium.