Apple offers refurbished iPhone discounts

Certified Refurbished Apple Store

Shopping for a new iPhone? Apple has started offering the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at discounts ranging from $80 to $110 off. These savings are on Apple certified refurbished iPhones. In addition to saving 15 percent, Apple's refurbished devices come with a full one-year warranty just like new products. Currently this is the only place to find entry-level models with 16 GB of storage.

Purchasing the iPhone 6s new costs more, however the latest models start at 32 GB of storage. Both the refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models are available in a variety of colors, including rose gold. Originally launched in September 2015, these devices have many upgrades over the iPhone 6. Second-generation Touch ID sensors, the Apple A9 processor, and an updated 12-megapixel camera are highlights. The iPhone 6s Plus also features optical image stabilization.

All of the refurbished iPhones are unlocked, SIM-free models that can be used on a variety of carriers. Of course, just like on new devices an extended 2-year AppleCare+ warranty can be added for $129. All refurbished iPhones contain a brand new battery and new outer case with no wear and tear. Internal components are thoroughly tested and certified by Apple. Buying a refurb iPhone is a great way to save some cash if you don't need the latest and greatest model.

The only drawback is these iPhones must be purchased outright, with no financing or installment plan available from a carrier subscription. Take advantage of this opportunity while it's available, as the last time Apple sold refurbished iPhones was way back in 2008.

Find refurbished iPhone 6s and Plus models in Apple's Refurbished and Clearance store.