How is the iPhone X different from iPhone 8?

The 10th anniversary iPhone, which appears in previous reports with names including "iPhone 8" and "iPhone Edition" is here. What features are exclusive to the iPhone X?

iOS 11 home screen

While the iPhone 8 includes design upgrades over last year's model, the iPhone X presents a completely new flagship iPhone. The iPhone X is more expensive, and the following features explain the higher price.

  1. The iPhone X includes an OLED display, which improves image quality while reducing power usage.
  2. Minimal bezel width exposes a larger screen area.
  3. The Face ID sensor is built into the display, with no physical home button visible.
  4. Rear-facing dual camera has a vertical orientation for new virtual- and augmented-reality capabilities.
  5. Front and back are made of glass, with a stainless steel chassis in the center of the "sandwich" design that harkens back to iPhone 4.
  6. Wireless charging means the iPhone X can simply be placed down in the right spot to power up the battery.