Can the Apple HomePod be used outdoors?

The HomePod is portable, so can I use it outside? Would the HomePod work next to a pool or outdoors in the sun and rain?

HomePod white mesh

First of all, the HomePod is not waterproof. This means no rain, no splashing water on the HomePod from a pool, no sprinklers or snow, etc. The hot sun is probably not an ideal environment for the HomePod, either.

In other words, if bringing the HomePod outside is your thing, make sure it stays dry and in the shade. An electrical outlet or extension cord to power the speaker is required. You might also want to check if your Wi-Fi network extends coverage to the outdoor area, so the HomePod can stay connected.

Just remember to bring the HomePod inside before the elements wreak havoc on the fabric mesh and delicate electronic components inside.