iPhone 7s dimensions larger than iPhone 7

iPhone 7 dimensions

Apple's fall event has been all but confirmed for September 12. With so many new products on the horizon, leaks have been coming fast and furiously. While most of these point to the upcoming 10th-anniversary iPhone 8, there are still two additional iPhones launching next month. Now sources have told TechnoBuffalo the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will have different dimensions than the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

In fact, the upgraded models will be just slightly larger in every dimension. Apple is expected to include wireless charging in all of its iPhone models this fall, which could be the main reason for the change in size. In addition to the internal components required for wireless charging taking up space, the 7s line will include a glass back instead of aluminum. This chassis redesign is also to accommodate wireless charging technology.

iPhone 7s compared to iPhone 7

Height +0.14 mm
Width +0.16 mm
Thickness + 0.11 mm

iPhone 7s Plus compared to iPhone 7 Plus

Height +0.17 mm
Width +0.20 mm
Thickness + 0.11 mm

As one can see, the increases in size are small. No dimension increases more than two-tenths of a millimeter, which means for most users there will hardly be a noticeable difference. However, some tight-fitting iPhone 7 cases or other accessories may have trouble fitting over the enlarged iPhone 7s.

The iPhone 7s will launch alongside the flagship OLED iPhone 8. Reports also indicate Apple is set to announce an Apple TV with 4K video output and the Apple Watch Series 3.