How can I clean my AirPods?

AirPods are placed inside the ear, and like all ear buds AirPods get dirty. How can I safely clean my AirPods? What is the best way to keep AirPods clean?

AirPods cleaning Microfiber cloth

Keeping AirPods clean is not only healthy for the ears, but it will keep audio quality at its peak performance. There are many ways to clean AirPods and the charging case without damaging the earphones. Here are suggestions to safely clean AirPods:

  1. Clean AirPods frequently to prevent excessive dirt or lint buildup.
  2. Best method: Wipe AirPods and the charging case with a microfiber cloth. These lint-free cloths are commonly used to clean lenses. Microfiber cleaning cloths can be purchased from Amazon.
  3. Some owners prefer using adhesive putty. This can be used to remove caked on dust and dirt from AirPods and the charging case. One example is Blu Tack putty adhesive, available on Amazon. Make sure not to press putty into the openings!
  4. Water or rubbing alcohol is not recommended by Apple, however it can bring results if used carefully. Always wet the cloth being used to clean, not the AirPods themselves. Let the AirPods dry before using. Never get liquid inside the openings of the AirPods!
  5. A dry toothbrush can push away dirt in the main AirPods openings if used gently. For extreme cases, this tutorial from iFixit shows how a wood toothpick can help. Use these methods at your own risk!