New puzzle game Campfire Cooking makes for a nice October treat

Developer Layton Hawkes is known for his candy filled puzzle title Puzzlepops and its Halloween-inspired sequel Puzzlepops Trick or Treat. His latest game is another treat filled title called Campfire Cooking.

Campfire Cooking includes over 100 camping related cooking challenges. Players must twist and turn skewers to roast marshmallows and push pots of vegetables to cook over open flames. As with any puzzle game, there are plenty of obstacles to make your task of cooking meals harder than normal. You will have to maneuver your food around burned-out logs, and use switches and magnets to pull your pots across your campfire.

The game also includes a wrap-around story about a vacationing family, and different trails with different types of food. You will be able to choose to go into the deep woods, roast marshmallows in the snow or camp by rivers and other outdoor locations.

While it's not exactly a Halloween-title, the coziness of roasting food over an open fire seems perfect for the upcoming fall weather. The game has also been receiving some initial positive buzz on gaming forums, although it is too early for user reviews on the App Store and Steam.

Hawkes' other titles have earned 5 and 4 star ratings on the App Store, and the original Puzzlepops has topped the charts for puzzle games in over 25 countries.

Campfire Cooking is available for $3.99 on the App Store.