Why do I have a constant spinning wheel on iOS status bar?

Some iOS users have noticed a spinning wheel bug after installing iOS 11. Others have seen a constant spinning wheel on the status bar even before updating their iPhones. Either way, the spinning wheel is supposed to indicate downloading or data transfer. Why won't the spinning wheel stop?

Always spinning wheel iOS 11

A constantly spinning wheel in the iOS status bar sometimes appears after using keyboard dictation. iOS users have noticed the wheel continues to spin unless the iPhone is placed in Airplane Mode. Rebooting the iPhone doesn't always clear up the problem.

Despite the appearance of your iPhone constantly downloading, the spinning wheel is likely a bug. One solution to stop the wheel and remove it from the status bar: invoke Siri.

Using "Hey Siri" or long pressing the home button to start Siri will stop the spinning wheel in the status bar. It doesn't matter if you say anything, just start Siri, quit and the wheel usually disappears.


If Siri is turned off when you encounter this bug, temporarily turning it on then off will make the spinning wheel go away.