Top 10 iPhone 4 Bugs, Issues and Complaints

Cupertino, we have a problem. With over 1.7 million iPhones sold in just three days, Apple's production capacity is at its limits. With so much innovative technology packed into such a small device, there are bound to be some lemons. Many customers have received their iPhone 4 and have no issues, while others have hit the support forums and message boards to voice concerns.

apple iphone 4 glitches

Problems range from inconvenient to completely unfixable. The iPhone 4 comes with one free year of AppleCare, which means that one visit to the Genius Bar can help. With so many iPhones hot off the factory floor, its not guaranteed that even replacement hardware won't have issues of its own. Here's a list of the top 10 iPhone 4 bugs, issues and complaints to watch out for when you receive your shipment from Apple.

1. The antenna "death grip" is affecting reception quality. Apple has already acknowledged the issue, and advises users to avoid holding the lower left side of the iPhone 4 or purchase a case. Connecting the metal on both sides of the black line with your fingers could result in poor reception.

2. Yellow spots on the screen. The Apple Retina Display is brand new technology. Some have reported blurry yellow spots on the display. This could be a chemical used to bond the glass that hasn't fully dried before shipping. iPhone 4 owners have reported that in some cases the yellow spots disappear after a few days of normal use.

3. A green blob of discoloration in photos taken with the camera. Users have posted examples of photos taken with the iPhone 4 with a strange aura or circle of green color in the center. It's unclear what's causing the problem, however the issue should be covered by your warranty.

4. Excessive heat during operation. The rear glass panel of the iPhone 4 radiates heat away from the device. Some customers have speculated that due to reception issues the radio is working overtime and generating more heat than it should.

5. Battery life is below expectations. Reports of this problem are likely related to issue #1 and #4, since an overtaxed radio will use more juice. Software issues could also cause the battery to run down quickly if power management is not running optimally. The iPhone 4 has a larger battery than the 3GS, so users may also have unrealistic expectations.

6. Proximity sensor acting up. This little piece of hardware turns off the screen when the iPhone 4 is next to your ear, preventing the touch screen from registering input. Some users are complaining that the sensor doesn't always turn off the screen, resulting in accidental dialing, hang-ups and other surprises as the ear presses on-screen buttons. Some have explained that the proximity sensor works sometimes but not always.

7. Poor 3G data speeds. Although this could be a local issue with the AT&T network, some users have compared their 3G data speeds to a previous model iPhone and claim the iPhone 4 is slower. Others are impressed by the improvement in download speeds. Whether or not your iPhone 4 has this problem depends on many factors and could also be related to issue #1. Some iPhone 4 owners claim speeds are faster when they leave their device on the EDGE network.

8. Switched volume buttons. Not as widespread, this issue has been reported and involves the "+" and "-" buttons on the left side of the iPhone 4 being switched. Normally the "+" or increase volume button should be on the top, with the "-" button on the bottom. Sounds like someone at the factory wasn't paying attention!

9. The glass back is too fragile. There are unfortunate individuals who have already shattered the back of their iPhone 4. These events have even happened while the device was cloaked in an Apple iPhone 4 Bumper case. Apple claims the glass used in its latest smartphone is super strong. This may be true, but when glass is strengthened it also becomes more prone to shattering due to tension inside the glass sheet.

10. Where is the white iPhone 4? No word on when the white version will be available. It's currently not available for pre-order or in stores. Apple watchers assumed that based on the launch announcement both colors would be available at the same time. Apple has made no comment on the matter.


The "switched" buttons should be noted as: The *MARKINGS* are switched. But the buttons still work exactly as they should.

i'd kill to have the Bluetooth issue added to this top 10 list.. if u don't know what i'm talking about, take a stroll through >iPhone >iPhone Hardware forum.. to add more salt, the top button on the phone does not lock the phone during a call anymore.. it simply ends the call completely.. and yeah~thanks!!, today is the 1st day i noticed the green aura in my pics.. but it's only with the back camera, not the front facing.. is this a problem i should take and try to get my phone swapped out for?

I have a question regarding heat issues on the Iphone 4.

One of my friends in Denmark bought the phone and sometimes when using it alot or running programs alot the top right side of the phone becomes very hot. Thats not the only thing it does though - when the top right corner is very hot it is like the retina display or the touchscreen becomes oversensitive resulting in the phone reacting to none touches at the top of the homescreen which basicly means he is able to start programs without even touching the screen ... I laughed my ass of when he told me this, How the hell can the phone overheating cause the screen to react like this its like 3-4 cm from the screen he can start a program - or if he touches the edge of the phone right side ( on the band around ) this can also cause programs to open .... any other reports about this ?!?!?! If soooo then perhaps the place where the phones are getting assembled should do some more controltest before letting the phones leave the factory. I have never ever heard anything like this - for sure thats a funny reaction of the phone. I wanted Iphone 4 but with these errors around im not sure I will buy it before bugs ( bad assembling ) and issues have been resolved completely.

Please let me know if you have heard of something like the above.

Cheers !!!


I have the exact same problem, beside my phone does not heat up, I don't know what to about it, Futhermore when I try to click on the upper homescreen it does not react instead it switch screens,



I had performed a hard reset on my iPhone 4 because of this issue and it was resolved. However, about 24 hours later I have a few more of these emails date 12/31/69 that you can not delete or select. Syncing my Gmail account has not been going well with iOS4. I know I have 2 new emails in my inbox (because I checked using a computer) and the app flags that there are 2 new emails. However, it does not display them and only lists 2 emails dated 12/31/69. I am certain that a hard reset will correct this, but I don't enjoy reseting my phone once per day so I can use Mail.

A bug or issue that I have noticed is that the touchscreen does not lock during a call.
This is very disturbing especially when it cause you to hang up a call just because you touched the "hang up" button with your cheek.

// Mr: Mee

my iphone is not turning on without charger and the it says configure like when you just buy it then it says connect to itunes via usb but as soon it's of the charger it comes of (power does not turn back on)
so how can i fix it,
your's faithfully

my iphone 4s keep searching network after connecting to a public free wifi and i have to reinstall new iSO and than its work plz any one tell me why this happen all the time

Why does the iphone just automatically bug down after i call?
It cant be turn it on again. I dont kow why what is the problem.
It automatically bug down with no reason now its not working anymore?
How can i fix this?

my wife presented me a i phone with IMEI No.01 390300 182582 7 on 14 february 14 from a local dealer in Bathinda Punjab India o a total sum of Rs twenty three thousand but after few days i came to know that prices has slashed to 30 percent , hence caused a direct loss of Rs 7000/- and from the very begining of use feeling a lot of problems like hang up, automatically switch off etc. secondally service centre is 170 kilometers from my city, although i am living in fifth biggest city/corporation of Punjab and staff there at service station is untrained, always repairing the set by hit and trial . Going at this service centre caused me a loss of 3000 rupees and a full day. This is the value of i phone 4. Now i wish to go to court for relief and company concerned shall be sole responsible for this.

i was using ios 8.1.3 fow few months, currently not doing anything, facebook, wechat, whatsapp cant pop up messages phone standby mode. exp// if i load my whatsapp app, the messages only pop up and only can read the messages after i press OK button that pop up// CONNECT TO ITUNES TO USE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS INCLUDE .........