GPush App: Push Gmail on the iPhone

Now you can receive iPhone push notifications instantly every time a new email comes to your Gmail inbox. The app, called Gpush, has been released by Tiverias Apps and approved by Apple.

Users can select between several options to determine how they are alerted of new mail. The iPhone will vibrate, ring, display the email message sender and subject on the lock screen (like incoming SMS), or just show a badge of how many new messages have come in on the GPush icon.

Names and passwords are protected by SSL encryption. The GPush app promises to save your battery since you can decrease the frequency of email fetch (pull) to manual and rely on the push notifications instead.

The app currently costs $0.99 in the App Store.

Over the past few days some users have reported problems with the app, while for others it's working just fine. The developers have been working on ironing out the bugs and improving performance.

Many fixes were made today, and Tiverias has been responsive to users while actively working with Google's email team to ensure that GPush works well for everyone.


- Instantly receive Gmail new message notifications on the iPhone
- Set it and Forget it: All you have to do is download the app and decide how you want to be notified of new email. You never have to open the app again after that.
- Improved battery life: GPush uses less battery since it relies on push notifications rather than data fetching ("pulling")
- Ability to see emails on the standby screen just like text messages
- SSL Security Certificate used to ensure password security for GPush users


I disagreed. New Mail is much better than Gmail because of vibration pattern to allowed you vibrate more than 3 times if you want. GMAIL only vibrate once and no option to do more than once. And I do not liked GMAIL due to malware and can hack it easily. Nah.