iOS App of the Week: It's Full of Sparks

It's Full of Sparks

It's Full of Sparks from Noodlecake and Dabadu Games is a cute puzzle, platformer where you play as different sentient firecrackers who are on a journey to find the meaning of life while trying to avoid exploding. The firecrackers must fling themselves into water to survive so they can find The Old One, a mythical firecracker who has managed to keep his fuse unlit.

You control your firecracker by running left or right into pools of water. After a few easy rounds the game introduces different color barriers that you must pass without the ability to jump. To advance through each level you must strap-on colored glasses that make all like-colored barriers disappear. The glasses also make helpful objects that you need, such as bridges, vanish. This forces you to quickly switch barriers on and off so you can reach the water before you explode.

As you progress the game introduces multiple colored obstacles and different helpful objects. Things becomes increasingly difficult as you try to erase the different colored walls, and dodge projectiles all while trying to keep the helpful objects activated. You can only erase one color at a time making the game a test of your coordination skills.

It's Full of Sparks

You have a limited amount of firecrackers that you will burn through fast as each level requires a bit of trial and error to master. You can earn more lives by simply waiting, watching videos or through reasonably prices IAPs.

It's Full of Sparks is a fast-paced puzzle game, with a fun concept and art style. It features 80 hand-crafted levels, an original soundtrack and simple controls. Each level has a 3-star system for replay value, and the game includes plenty of achievements and leaderboard support.

It's Full of Sparks is available for free on the App Store.