How to toggle On/Off Labels on iPhone

On Off Labels 1

Back in the day, iOS always showed On/Off Labels on toggles, making various Settings appear like a power switch. More recent versions of iOS have removed this indicator, opting instead for a more clean-looking design. For those who could use an additional visual cue besides the color green, or simply enjoy the old look, it's possible to restore these labels.

To enable On/Off Labels on iPhone switches throughout iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> General
  2. On Off Labels 2
  3. Select Accessibility
  4. On Off Labels 3
  5. Tap to turn On/Off Labels ON (green switch)
  6. On Off Labels 5
  7. All switches under Settings will immediately show On/Off (I/O) labels
  8. To remove On/Off Labels, toggle the switch to OFF (grey switch)
  9. On Off Labels 4