How to use Type to Siri on iPhone

Type to Siri toggle

Asking Siri questions verbally can be convenient, and Apple has designed its personal assistant to operate completely hands free with Hey Siri. This voice functionality takes on new importance with products such as the HomePod. There are situations, however where iPhone and iPad owners may want to access Siri without making any noise. In quiet areas where speaking out loud would be disruptive, Siri can be used silently with Type to Siri.

Type to Siri makes it possible to enter text and send it to Siri for a response, in place of speaking directly to the microphone. Follow these steps to enable and use Type to Siri on iOS devices:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Accessibility
  2. Type to Siri Accessibiity
  3. Tap Siri
  4. Type to Siri Settings
  5. Toggle Type to Siri -> ON (green slider)
  6. Type to Siri OFF
    Type to Siri toggle
  7. Open Siri with a long press on the home button, or side button (iPhone X and later)
  8. Queries can be entered in the Type to Siri field using the keyboard
  9. Type to Siri keyboard
  10. Tap Done to send the search to Siri
  11. Type to Siri text query
  12. Siri returns results without speaking out loud
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