Netflix removes In-App Subscriptions from iOS

Netflix sign-up

Looking to start a new subscription to Netflix on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Netflix has recently removed the option to sign up for its streaming video services from within the iOS app. This means new and returning members cannot use iTunes to automatically pay for Netflix services.

While this may save Netflix some cash, as Apple charges a percentage from developers to deliver in-app purchases, it does add some inconvenience for new Netflix users. Starting a Netflix account is now only possible for Apple mobile device owners by using a web browser.

The upshot is that iPhone users can start a Netflix account using Safari on iOS. The Netflix app doesn't mention that another signup method is necessary, only that subscribers can view content after signing into their account. The reason for this is that App Store rules prevent developers from delivering instructions on how to buy services without using in-app purchases.

Netflix released an official statement, noting that current subscribers paying through iTunes can continue to do so:

We no longer support iTunes as a method of payment for new members. Existing members who currently use iTunes as a method of payment can continue to do so.

Apple is a valued partner with whom we work closely to deliver great entertainment to members around the world across a range of devices including the iPhone and Apple TV.

New and returning users can open a Netflix account starting at $7.99 per month for the Basic plan. Anyone wishing to switch payment from iTunes to another method will need to cancel their subscription from iTunes, then restart their membership from the main Netflix account page.