iOS App of the Week: Rolando: Royal Edition

Rolando: Royal Edition

Anyone who knows their iOS history will remember Rolando, one of the first full puzzle-adventure games on the Apple App Store. The original Rolando was released for iOS on December 18, 2008, a few months after the App Store opened for business. The game won all types of awards, like the Best iPhone Game of 2008 by the Boston Herald, according to Wikipedia.

Now the iPhone classic is back as a remastered "Royal Edition." It is time again to save Rolandoland from an invasion of the Shadow Creatures. All your favorite Rolandos are back in four puzzle platforming worlds with a soundtrack provided by DJ Mr Scruff. Each Rolando comes with their own unique personalities and attributes which you'll need to use to escort the endlessly napping King and Queen past the Shadow Creatures.

The remastered version takes full advantage of all the available iPhone controls forcing you to tap, swipe and tilt you way through traps, trampolines, catapults and more. The level designs are also all unique requiring you to use your Rolandos and their attributes in different ways. You'll need to use your full gyro controls to lead your Rolandos through mazes on the bonus levels, or use your environment to stop the Prince, who can't be control directly and perpetually rolls around.

While the trailer and official App Store description are littered with reviews for the original version of the game, the remastered version has also been earning its own high marks from critics and players. The Royal Edition currently has an impressive 5-star rating from 129 user reviews. It was also given 5-stars by Touch Arcade.

Rolando: Royal Edition is available on the App Store for $2.99. Fans of the original will love the new polished version, while new players will enjoy discovering Rolandoland for the first time.