iOS App of the Week: Series: Your Story Universe

Series: Your Story Universe

With all the current technology you would think text based games would be a thing of the past, but here I am at Bayside High embroiled in the wacky hijinks of everyone's favorite 90s teens Zack, Slater, Lisa, Kelly and Jessie. I'm talking about, Series: Your Story Universe -- a new storytelling game from NBCUniversal. The app allows you to be part of your favorite scripted television shows,

Text based games have of course evolved since the original days of being nothing but text on a computer screen. They now include pictures and in some cases mini-games where you typically swipe or tap your display to play along. Series includes different choose your own adventure-style stories that you can control. You can play in different popular television series like Saved By the Bell or movies like Bridesmaids. The games are played by reading text and choosing different paths for your character.

Series: Your Story Universe

Series: Your Story Universe games aren't that exciting. There doesn't seem to be any mini-games to play, so you spend all your time just tapping and reading while making the occasional decision on how you want your character to proceed. What makes the games fun are not the gameplay, but being able to relive new adventures in the universe of your favorite 90s television series or movies. The app currently includes shows such as Xena, Vanderpump Rules and Law & Order Investigation, and movies like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

In each series you can create and customize your own character then play in an all-new adventure that takes place in your favorite TV or film franchise. Currently I am playing as myself in a new episode of Saved By The Bell. There is even a totally new series called Legacy & Love which was invented just for the app.

The official App Store description promises that more shows, episodes and choices will be added in the future. This gives Your Story Universe a lot of potential as it could resurrect many popular franchises.

Series: Your Story Universe is available to download for free on the App Store. The game does include in-game currency that you can purchase with real world money. You also have to complete an episode to return to the main menu to change series (unless you double tap your Home button to reset the app using your App Switcher).