iOS App of the Week: Golf Blitz

Golf Blitz

Golf Blitz is the spiritual successor to Super Stickman Golf where you compete against other players in the popular Race Mode. The new golfing game from developer Noodlecake Studios only includes one multiplayer option where you race against 3 other golfers in a golfing tour. Each tour includes several courses where you can earn trophies by placing first, second or third. Accuracy and strokes are thrown out the window as you attempt to be the first to sink your golf ball in the hole.

More physics puzzler than sports title, the Super Stickman Golf series featured wacky courses, the ability to freeze water hazards, super clubs and sticky balls that stuck to walls. Golf Blitz is a streamlined version of Super Stickman that focuses on multiplayer competition. In Golf Blitz speed is the name of the game. Instead of waiting your turn or taking your time to tee up the perfect shot, you must move quickly to be the first to complete each course. You are rewarded points for your win meter depending on where you finish each race.

All players begin the game with the same 3 randomly selected power ups, each with their own values. Players can use any of the power ups when their power bar has gained enough energy. Using the right power up in the correct situation can be a big advantage, especially for tricky courses or when you have fallen behind. Power ups include things like sniper or super balls for longer drives.

Golf Blitz Trophies

To tee off, just drag your finger from the giant golf ball to find your angle, then let go to swing. There is no accuracy or power meters to mess with, or wind to account for. While there are hazards on some courses, there are no stroke counts, so landing in water only penalizes you by setting you back to your previous spot. You also have the ability to hit your opponents golf ball. This is where Golf Blitz gets interesting. You can block another player's shot, or slam their ball out of the way if they're blocking you. This not only gives the game some strategy, but it also adds a bit of randomness causing some lucky bounces or bad breaks if you accidentally run into another player's ball.

You earn trophies based on where you finish overall in a tour. The overall amount of trophies you earn set your position on the leaderboards. The game also includes in-game currency that you can spend to unlock packs of cards to earn different power ups. You can also use in-game cash to upgrade existing power ups, upgrade your golfer and unlock new skins or hats with different abilities.

Golf Blitz is availble for free on the Apple App Store.