iPhones Can Now Make Time Lapse Movies

Now with the Timelapser app your iPhone will easily record time lapse movies. The only problem might be keeping the iPhone still from frame to frame.

iphone app timelapser

The app is on sale at half price for a limited time so it's currently selling for 99 cents. Firmware 3.1 is required, however the app will work on any generation iPhone. Frames can be captured more frequently on the iPhone 3GS.

Frames for the movie can be captured at intervals up to a half hour between shots to really accelerate time in the finished video.

The developer, Maymudes Bros. describes the features below:

- Auto-assembling of movies
- Email your time-lapse movies directly from the app
- Set your own compression settings
- Set your own capture settings: capture a frame every three seconds, or every 30 minutes!
- Choose between creating a movie of your time lapse images or save the full-res images directly to your photo library
- Instant playback of your time-lapse movies with one touch
- Built with a slick user interface and easy to use controls

Be sure to put your iPhone in airplane mode and switch the ringer to silent to avoid receiving a phone call or hearing the shutter sound during your time lapse recording.