How do I fix iPhone Wi-Fi connection problems?

How do I fix iPhone Wi-Fi connection problems?

Some users have reported issues with slow speeds or trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks with iPhone OS 3.0 and later firmware. iPhone owners who have jailbroken and/or unlocked their iPhones using blackra1n and blacksn0w have also reported problems.

These problems include the inability to connect to Wi-Fi, 3G and/or Edge, lack of push notifications and issues with the YouTube application. Fortunately there are several fixes you can try to correct these data issues on your iPhone:

1. Reset network settings. Touch Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

2. Still having problems? Touch Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. Warning: You will lose all of your preferences.

3. For YouTube problems on jailbroken iPhones try installing youtubeFix from Cydia or another package installer.

4. Restore your iPhone as a new phone. This is a slow and tedious process but will reset your iPhone as if it was new from the factory. Although this should fix all of the above issues, you will have to reload your contacts and media onto the iPhone from the computer manually. To restore:

- Connect your iPhone to the computer.
- Run iTunes.
- Under the Summary tab select Restore.
- Select backup if you wish. When restoring as a new iPhone you will not use the backup.
- When the process is complete the iPhone will restart.
- When the Set Up You iPhone screen appears select Set up as a new iPhone.

Of course, after restoring a jailbroken iPhone you will lose the jailbreak and unlock functionality.

iPHONE 5 UPDATE: There are limited circumstances where iPhone 5 users are experiencing slow speeds or intermittent service when connected to Wi-Fi. There are two fixes that might help.

1. Entering manual DNS settings has been reported to help. Navigate to Settings -> Wi-Fi and touch the blue arrow next to your connected Wi-Fi network. Touch DNS and enter Google's DNS server address (either or

2. Router compatibility issues could mean that WPA2 Personal W-Fi security is causing the problem. Switching to WEP security or removing password security altogether can improve Wi-Fi speeds and connectivity.

iPHONE 6 / iOS 8 UPDATE: Click here for more information on Wi-Fi performance issues in iOS 8. A jailbreak tweak is available to disable AWDL/AirDrop and resolve Wi-Fi problems.



Hello I have some problem with my iPhone 5.when I select the word purchase in games or in some app it aIways come to homescreen.what should I do with this problem? Please help me.

Thanks the tip worked like a charm for resetting the network settings.

i have problem with downloading softwares on iPhone 3gs.
the other i option have did was, i restore the phone. i notice the phone went OFF and ON again after almost 2 hours. It ask to selecting language, country, and wifi the continue. the phone fail to process. wit the wifi.
help please.

thanks you sooooo much

Step 1 worked like a miracle!! Thanks guys!

Change the Wi-Fi channel to channel number 6. Problem solved.

hi guys i have a iphone 3g 4.1.2 and i cant connect to the load uo intenet and how do i get wififofum to load up if i have no internet

please help me whit my iPhone 4s wifi problem. It scan the near wifi, but didn't find anything.
I've been reset the network setting, restart and even restore my iPhone but its still the same...

So I'm not the only one having problems with my wi-fi connection.
I followed all your guidelines and now my problem is solved!
Thank you!
NB: For those newbies like me here is a web page where I found tons of step-by-step tutorials that might help you with your other iphone issues.

i have iphone 4 and having wifi connection problem..actually i am connected to my home wifi but there is no internet access...there is wifi symbol on top left side..but i cannot open any applications...i tired everything...reset all settings,reset network setting, restore iphone,...all waste...please help me guys? it hardware or software problem? do i have to change my phone? reallii nooooo way...

had issues with iPhone 4s after upgrading to iOS 7. Consulted Apple Boards (Re: wifi greyed out after update to ios7) and found out, that 1) this is a hardware issue and 2) that a company called fixes this worldwide. Send my iPhone in and got it fixed for 29 Euro. So, there is a repair that needs to be done, it is not a mainboard issue and it costs less than all of this time consuming non fundamental suggestions we read around the net. some things just need to be repaired properly, but applestore wants to sell me a new iphone. this solution with a cheap repair is a better one. worked for me.

I had the same problem and I called my internet service porovider Comcast.
He made me go ingo settlings, then wifi, then I selected my wifi name and then I clicked on :forget network, then I shut the phone off; once it restarted it allowed me to sign in with my network key and it was done in less than 11 minutes! Blesings to everyone:)

If you reset your network settings will you loose any of your stuff

Ive had this problem for about 4 months - then I took the aluminium cover off - and suddenly wireless is up to full strength. Put the cover on - no wireless. Got a gel case and problem solved. Shouldn't be that touchy though.

I am experiencing problems with the App Store not being able to connect to the internet after jail breaking. Same with YouTube. I would like to know if restoring my device to before the jailbreak would make things work again.

in my iphone3GS ,I done restore but it shown apple symbol only, not showing ios 4 give me solution....

Who in their right mind would remove password security off their router?
That would open up your system to anybody in range.
And we all know what that means - more hardware connection on the same router = slower speed.
Not to mention that you are paying for bandwidth, speed and upload/download monthly limits that someone else is using.

Changing the DNS setting to the recommended Google one (8844 or 8888) seems to have fixed my problem. Thanks.

I tried resetting the network setting but it shows the loading icon next to the Wifi it's trying to connect to. It is just an infinite loading state,. it won't connect and its a brand new phone.

iPhone 4s WIFI issue is a hardware issue and the chip needs to be replaced/repaired. so far, the only one that does this worldwide and permanent is

OMG!! You are a life saver!! Ive been trying to fix this issue for weeks!! I was just about to restore my iphone but decided to google search one more time and stumbled upon your article!! I knew it was something to do with the DNS but didn't know what. Thank you a million times!!

my iphone 4s wifi is not working how to fix this problem please help me

hardware issue, needs repair, fixed it.

Thanks for this article! After numerous conversations with apple about my and my husbands iphone 5 intermittently working on my home wifi after the latest update, with them claiming there was nothing wrong with my phone, it must be my wifi, I came across your article. I changed the DNS as you recommended as now it works again! Thanks very much!

Had the same prob with both my 4Gs and 5s
With ios 5.1 and 7.0.6
Tried tons of things. Nothing worked. Both
phones are jailbroken. Thanks to you I
went into iPhones wifi settings and
In my connected wifi
Changed the DNS to Manually.
It instantly solved the problems in both my phones.
Thankyou so much.

Thank you very much, your suggestions were useful and practical. Unlike some other sites that suggest something ridiculously basic (e.g. check if the wifi is on, wth, who would do that?) you focused on giving proper advice. I could fix my mysterious WIFI issue simply by resetting the network settings. :)

The network reset step worked for me ! Just re- enter all the internet settings stuff in your wi-fi settings and you're fine !

After a few weeks of jail breaking my iphone I now can't get on youtube and vine, it always says that it can't connect. Can some help me please.

none of it worked for me the wifi on my phone is just not turning on stuuuuuuuuupid!!

I had the same problem (my pc connection 2 wifi but not ma iPhone). So after alot of trouble shooting (which didnt help) I restared ma router & it went back 2 normal! Just unplug & plug in it-: