iLingual: Put Your iPhone Where Your Mouth Is

Want to watch your own mouth speak a foreign language? If it sounds strange, that's because iLingual is not your typical iPhone phrasebook. First take a photo of the lips you'd like to see in action.

Once the photo is taken, you can select from a list of 400 phrases. The application will proceed to animate your mouth as it speaks the phrase in the foreign language. To "speak" to another person you hold the back of the iPhone up to your face.

This app is just like Crazy Mouth, except it actually says something as it makes people laugh.

iLingual is free and comes in three versions which will translate the built-in English phrases into Arabic, French or German. Emirates had the application developed as a marketing tool for travel.

The full version is around 90MB and must be installed over Wi-Fi or using your computer. The app also comes in a lite version with less phrases that can be downloaded using 3G or EDGE.

We're wondering if lip readers can understand iLingual since the iPhone needs more volume...