How to see recent Apple ID purchases on iPhone

Purchase history Apple ID

Everything that's purchased from Apple using your Apple ID can be viewed in one consolidated list. To see apps, TV shows, subscriptions, books, and more, anyone with an Apple ID and an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can head to Settings. Alternatively, purchases made with an Apple ID can be viewed from anywhere with a web browser.

Purchases are listed in chronological order, with prices visible on the receipt. Whenever you're looking at the purchase history, other actions can be taken. For example, a refund can be requested, or problems with an app can be reported. Follow these steps to view your purchase history for the App Store or iTunes:

See Apple ID purchase history on iPhone settings

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Tap your name
  3. See purchase history 1
  4. Choose iTunes & App Store
  5. See purchase history 2
  6. Tap your Apple ID
  7. See purchase history 3
  8. Select View Apple ID
  9. See purchase history 4
  10. Sign in to your Apple ID account
  11. Tap Purchase History
  12. See purchase history 5
  13. To change the time frame displayed, tap Last 90 Days
  14. See purchase history 6

See Apple ID purchase history on Safari

  1. Launch Safari or another web browser app
  2. Open the web page
  3. Sign in to your Apple ID account
  4. See purchase history 7
  5. View your recent purchases or tap Report to request a refund or report a problem
  6. See purchase history 8
  7. Tap the menu to view receipts and more details for each purchase
  8. See purchase history 9