How much is AppleCare+ for iPhone SE?

What does AppleCare coverage cost for iPhone SE? Can I get AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss for iPhone SE? What is AppleCare pricing on iPhone SE?

AppleCare iPhone SE

Apple offers AppleCare+ coverage on the 2020 iPhone SE. All incidents of accidental damage, theft, and loss are subject to fees and deductibles. Up to two incidents are covered every 24 months, and the following charges apply:

    Theft or loss

  • $149.00
  • Screen damage

  • $29.00
  • Any other accidental damage

  • $99.00

iPhone SE (second generation) devices must have Find My iPhone enabled to qualify for AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss coverage. Find My iPhone must be on at the time of theft or loss to get a replacement.

Click here to see AppleCare+ pricing for iPhone SE. AppleCare+ can be purchased within 60 days of your iPhone SE purchase.



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