Will my old iPhone SE case fit the new iPhone SE?

Will my iPhone SE (1st generation) case fit the iPhone SE (2nd generation) aka 2020 model?

iPhone SE Comparison

The 2nd generation iPhone SE was released in 2020 to replace the 1st generation model as Apple's new entry level device. The new SE is priced at an affordable starting price of $399. It features a new camera, processor, and an upgraded display. It is availble in black, red or white and three storage capacities (64GB, 128GB or 256GB).

iPhone owners considering upgrading from the original iPhone SE to the new iPhone SE will need to invest in a new case or screen protector. The 2nd generation iPhone SE boasts a larger 4.7-inch display, compared to the original's 4-inch screen. Here are the size and weight of both SE models:

iPhone SE (1st Generation)

  1. Height: 4.87 inches (123.8 mm)
  2. Width: 2.31 inches (58.6 mm)
  3. Depth: 0.30 inch (7.6 mm)
  4. Weight: 3.99 ounces (113 grams)

iPhone SE (2nd Generation)

  1. Height: 5.45 inches (138.4 mm)
  2. Width: 2.65 inches (67.3 mm)
  3. Depth: 0.29 inch (7.3 mm)
  4. Weight: 5.22 ounces (148 grams)

Here are some 2nd generation iPhone SE case recommendations.