How can I buy Cardano (ADA)?

How can I purchase Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency from my iPhone?

How to buy, trade, purchase Caradano (ADA) cryptocurrency from iPhone and iPad.

Founded by Charles Hoskinson (one of the co-founders of Ethereum) and developed by a community of scientists and engineers, Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that's goal is to create a world in which "individuals have control over their data and how they interact and transact. Businesses have the opportunity to grow independent of monopolistic and bureaucratic power structures. Societies are able to pursue true democracy: self-governing, fair, and accountable." The network uses the ADA token, which holders can stake to earn rewards (interest). U.S. citizens can invest in Cardano (ADA) through Coinbase by following these instructions (jump to step 7 if you already have a Coinbase account).