How do I make my iPhone talk when I connect my charger?


You may have seen a prank on TikTok or YouTube where the prankster programs a person's iPhone to talk every time they try to charge their device. This is a clever way to use Apple's Automation feature found in the Shortcuts app. Apple describes Automation as " a type of shortcut that’s triggered by an event, rather than manually." The Shortcuts app allows iPhone owners to set up personal or home automations that are triggered by an action such as arriving home or as you've seen plugging in you charger.

Here's how to pull the TikTok prank and make your iPhone speak whenever you attach your charger:

  1. Open the Shortcuts app on your device.
  2. Tap Automation.
  3. Shortcuts Automation
  4. Select Create Personal Automation.
  5. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and tap Charger.
  6. Charger
  7. Make sure "Is Connected" is selected then tap Next.
  8. Tap the Add Action button.
  9. Search for Speak Text in the actions search bar.
  10. Tap Speak Text then tap the translucent Text bar.
  11. iPhone Shortcuts
  12. Type the message you want your phone to speak.
  13. Tap Done.
  14. Tap the Ask Before Running slider so it's OFF/GREY..
  15. Tap Done.

Your Edit Automation screen should look like this when finished:

Edit Automation

Make sure the the "Enable this Automation" slider is ON/GREEN. The programed device should now speak your typed phrase whenever a power source is connected.

You can disable this by navigating to Shortcuts > Automation. Tap the Automation panel that says "When iPhone is connected to power," then tap the "Enable this Automation" slider so it is OFF/GREY.