How to download free apps without a password on iPhone

iOS App Store

The App Store on iPhone has multiple safeguards to make sure that apps aren't purchased by mistake or by an unauthorized person. These features are great to prevent fraud when paid apps or in-app purchases are involved. But when it comes to downloading free apps, does iOS asking for authentication just cause unnecessary hassle?

When installing free apps, it's possible to reduce inconvenience by skipping the Apple ID password altogether. Follow these instructions to download free apps without entering a password or using Face ID or Touch ID:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Your name
  2. Tap Media & Purchases
  3. Select Password Settings
  4. Toggle Require Password -> OFF (grey switch) under Free Downloads
  5. Tap Done and go back to the first page of Settings
  6. Navigate to Face ID (or Touch ID) & Passcode
  7. If prompted enter your passcode to proceed
  8. Toggle iTunes & App Store -> OFF (grey switch)
  9. Now tapping the GET button next to a free app will not ask for any authentication or passcode