What is Emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone?

How is Emergency SOS via satellite different from Emergency SOS? What does Emergency SOS via satellite do?

Emergency SOS via satellite

Wireless coverage feels like it's everywhere, but in reality there are large swaths of the planet with no service. Before the iPhone 14 came along, communicating from remote areas required a separate device tied into satellites overhead.

When your iPhone is completely out of reach from ground-based cellular radio towers (not to mention Wi-Fi), Emergency SOS via satellite makes it possible to track a communications satellite in space and connect with emergency services.

Sending a text to get help can take up to 15 seconds under a clear sky. With a less than ideal connection to the satellite or under tree foliage, delivering a text can take a minute or more. In the meantime, the iPhone provides guidance on which direction to point the device to optimize its satellite connection.