How can I stop offloading apps on iPhone?

How do I disable app offloading with iOS? How can I stop apps being removed from iPhone?

Offload apps iOS

Anyone who has run out of storage on iPhone can vouch for offloading apps. It's an easy way to let iOS manage the apps you don't use often to free up space. Offloading removes everything except your personal data associated with the app. In theory, reinstalling an app restores its function with your information intact.

Sometimes, useful apps you didn't expect to be offloaded are missing when you need them. Or maybe some offloaded apps that are restored don't behave as they were, or require signing in again.

Furthermore, searching for Offload Unused Apps directs to iPhone Storage. While iPhone Storage can recommend that you start offloading apps to save space, app offloading cannot be disabled under iPhone Storage.

If you're done with this feature, here's how to disable app offloading on iPhone:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> App Store
  2. Toggle Offload Unused Apps -> OFF (grey switch)