How to manage app downloads with 3D Touch

3D Touch app update shortcuts

Setting up a new iPhone with iCloud backup? Have a ton of apps waiting to be updated in the App Store? There's a 3D Touch shortcut for that. A few taps can tell iOS which apps are the most important, so you can get back to using them more quickly. For starters, all pending app updates can be installed with one deep press on the App Store icon.

Once apps are downloading and installing on the iOS home screen, there are even more ways to take control. Follow these steps to manage app downloads on the iPhone:

  1. Deep press on an updating app
  2. Tap Prioritize Download to update this app right away
  3. 3D Touch app update prioritize
  4. If the app is already downloading, tap Pause Download to interrupt the install temporarily
  5. 3D Touch app update pause
  6. Tap Cancel Download to stop the app from installing an update
  7. 3D Touch app update cancel

To install App Store updates automatically with no manual interaction, turn on automatic updates under Settings. With automatic updates ON, the iPhone will install app updates as soon as they become available.