How to stop Follow Up banners in Mail on iPhone

Mail app icon

Apple continually adds new features to the iPhone operating system including helpful reminders and Siri suggestions. For example, a missed call can generate a reminder to call back known contacts later on. Similarly, the Mail app keeps track of sent messages that go unanswered. After several days, sent messages without a reply are moved back to the top of your inbox.

Along with this comes a banner reminding you when the message was sent and asking to Follow Up. Tapping the button initiates another reply to the original recipient. For some iPhone users, this feature gets in the way. Apple has provided a way to stop these Follow Up Suggestions from appearing in Mail.

Follow the steps below to disable Follow Up banners in Mail on iPhone:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Mail
  2. Mail Follow Up iPhone
  3. Toggle Follow Up Suggestions -> OFF (grey switch)
  4. Disable Mail Follow Up iPhone