What security keys are approved by Apple?

Which security keys are recommended by Apple? What security keys work with Apple ID?

Security Keys for Apple ID

With the release of iOS 16.3 Apple now supports physical security keys. To level up your 2FA iPhone users will need two or more hardware keys. Apple does not produce its own security keys, however the company does maintain a list of recommended keys for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. FIDO-certified security keys are the way to go.

Using physical security keys replaces the 2FA code that is sent from iCloud to your devices when signing in. While this increases security, it also means that if a key is lost the account may be permanently inaccessible. Forever.

Remember, two or more security keys are required. Prices range from $25-$75 each.

Apple-recommended security keys

  • YubiKey 5C NFC (compatible with most iPhones and Macs using NFC and USB-C)
  • YubiKey 5Ci (compatible with all iPhones and most Macs using Lightning and USB-C)
  • FEITAN ePass K9 NFC USB-A (compatible with most iPhones using NFC and older Macs using USB-A)

Choose FIDO-certified security keys that work with your devices. NFC is only compatible with the iPhone 6 and later, while USB-C works with more recent devices. A Lightning connection works with iPhones and supported iPads. USB-A is reserved for older Macs.