Do I have warranty coverage on my Apple Watch?

When does my Apple Watch warranty expire? How can I check my warranty on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Apple offers a one-year limited warranty on Apple Watch models. Purchasing AppleCare+ extends this coverage for another year, adding more services including accidental damage repairs. For those Apple Watch owners wondering if their devices are still covered under AppleCare+ or the original warranty, it's easy to find out.

Follow these steps to see the warranty status of Apple Watch:

  1. Launch the Watch app on iPhone
  2. From the My Watch tab select General
  3. Apple Watch coverage 1
  4. Tap About
  5. Apple Watch coverage 2
  6. Coverage status is displayed. Tap for more information
  7. Apple Watch coverage 3
  8. Coverage details and service options are listed. Apple support can be contacted directly
  9. Apple Watch coverage 4