Can my HomePod detect smoke alarms?

How can I get alerts from HomePod sound recognition? Does HomePod detect alarm sounds at home?

HomePod models

Apple's Sound Recognition feature enables iPhone owners to monitor the sounds around them. With its advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, it can detect various sounds. When noises such as smoke detectors or doorbells are heard, notifications are sent to users' devices automatically. This feature is now available on the HomePod thanks to a software update (iOS 16.4 and the latest Home app).

The HomePod can detect smoke detector alarms and carbon monoxide detector alarms when they are sounding alerts. For HomePod setups with HomeKit cameras, video is included in Sound Recognition notifications sent to your iPhone or iPad. Of course, don't depend on this feature to be full-proof in every situation.

Other sounds can be configured to trigger notifications under Settings -> Accessibility -> Sound Recognition.