Can I use a stylus with the Apple iPhone?

Can I use a stylus with the Apple iPhone?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have mocked the use of a stylus at the iPad keynote, however there are several stylus products on the market that are compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. One product specifically developed for the iPhone is Ten One Design's Pogo Sketch aluminum stylus.

The iPhone has a capacitive touch screen, which measures changes in capacitance when you touch the screen and the electrostatic field is distorted. Wearing non-conductive gloves covering your fingers or trying to use normal pens to control the iPhone won't work.

Using a stylus with the iPhone can be handy when wearing gloves or if the iPhone is docked and you need to perform multiple operations without removing the iPhone from the dock.

Despite Steve Jobs' anti-stylus comments, Apple has already submitted a patent for a capacitive touch screen compatible stylus of its own.