The best screen protectors for iPhone 11

Spigen tempered glass

The iPhone 11 has arrived in stores, and like other recent iPhones, most of the device is glass. This design provides for a large display and wireless charging, but it can also leave the iPhone vulnerable to impacts and scratches. For damage and drop protection nothing comes close to using a sturdy case on the iPhone 11. That being said, screen protectors are another option that can be used in conjunction with a case or by themselves.

Screen protectors for iPhone have come a long way. Instead of the flimsy, bubble-laden plastic films of the past, quality screen protectors are impact-resistant tempered glass. These are installed with a frame that ensures perfect placement. Most screen protectors cover the front screen and are compatible with cases that protect the sides and back of the iPhone 11.

Of course, to let the iPhone design shine through, screen protectors can be used without a case. Some options protect the iPhone 11 camera lens bump, or even the back of the iPhone. Check out these top picks for iPhone 11 screen protectors:

  • Caseology Tempered Glass for iPhone 11 - From a well-known case designer, the Caseology screen protector features four reinforced layers with 99.9 percent clarity that won't interfere with the display. Caseology promises a quick and easy installation and removal process, and compatibility with most cases. Includes its own oleophobic coating to prevent smudges and offered in a 2-pack that fits the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.
  • Caseology tempered glass
  • Conleke Front and Back Screen Protector for iPhone 11 - The Conleke screen protector for iPhone 11 includes both front and back pieces for full coverage of the device. While the anti-fingerprint, 9H hardness tempered glass will protect both sides of the iPhone 11, Conleke has designed these protectors to be case friendly. A good choice for anyone interested in scratch and impact protection for both sides of the iPhone 11 that's nearly invisible.
  • Conleke front and back protector
  • FilmHoo iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protector - Camera bumps on the iPhone 11 have grown to epic proportions to house all of the imaging technology within. FilmHoo offers stand-alone iPhone 11 camera lens protection in a 2-pack. These lens covers are flexible, 9H hardness, waterproof and just 0.08 inches thick. With 99.9 percent transparency, the FilmHoo protector does not affect photo capture or video recording.
  • FilmHoo camera protector
  • Leadstar iPhone 11 Privacy Screen Protector - Screen protectors are another way to boost privacy when using the iPhone 11. Leadstar offers six layers of protection including an eye shield layer, which blocks the screen when viewed from a 60-degree angle. This means only the iPhone 11 user can see what's on the display with the Leadstar screen protector installed. Case-friendly, anti-spy Leadstar protectors have a carbon-fiber edge and come in a 2-pack.
  • Leadstar privacy screen protector
  • Mkeke iPhone 11 Screen Protector - These best-selling tempered glass front screen protectors are designed to fit iPhone 11 while leaving space around the display edges for proper case fitment. Mkeke delivers its high-definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic coated screen protectors in a 3-pack with an easy installation frame tool. Mkeke says its products are 99.99 percent touch-screen accurate after installation.
  • Mkeke screen protector
  • Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Popular case designer Spigen offers the Glas.tR EZ Fit tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 11. This product has achieved best-selling status since it first entered the market for the iPhone XR. With six layers of reinforced protection, Spigen provides 9H hardness to prevent scratches and an anti-dust nano coating. Installations are perfect thanks to the EZ Fit Tray that comes with this iPhone 11 screen protector.
  • Spigen tempered glass
  • TETHYS Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11 - TETHYS iPhone 11 screen protector sets itself apart with a full-coverage design. Instead of a notch cutout like most tempered glass protectors, TETHYS delivers true edge-to-edge protection and a minimal gap for FaceID compatibility. This product comes in a 3-pack along with installation frame, wipes, and dust removal stickers. TETHYS promises compatibility with most cases and crystal clear 9H hardness scratch protection.
  • TETHYS screen protector
  • UNBREAKcable Screen Protector for iPhone 11 - UNBREAKcable tempered glass comes in a 3-pack and has become a best-seller. UNBREAKcable promises strong impact protection and a fingerprint-resistant coating that lasts for a year or more. Bubble-free easy installation is provided by the included frame, lint-free cloth, and dust absorbers. UNBREAKcable screen protectors come with a 36-month warranty.
  • UNBREAKable tempered glass
  • ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass+ Vision Guard - ZAGG continues to innovate with its Invisible Shield line of iPhone screen protectors. Besides protecting the display from scratches and impact damage, the Glass+ Vision Guard for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR filters high-energy blue light that has been shown to be most harmful to the eyes. Eyesafe technology helps prevent digital eye strain and protects the user's retina, while leaving the screen’s colors looking natural. If your ZAGG Invisible Shield gets worn or damaged, the company will replace it for as long as you own your device.
  • ZAGG Invisible Shield VisionGuard