What is Apple Watch Double Tap?

How can I use Double Tap on Apple Watch? Can I get Double Tap on my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch double-tap

Double Tap is a gesture-based feature designed exclusively for Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models and later. It enables control of the watch with a double-tap of the thumb and index finger, making one-handed use easier during activities like dog-walking or carrying groceries.

To access Double Tap, update your watch to watchOS 10.1 or later. Enable Double Tap manually through watch settings or the Watch app on iPhone. The functions of Double Tap can then be customized.

Double Tap simplifies watch navigation, allows actions such as answering calls, controlling media, snoozing alarms, and more. It also streamlines texting and offers one-handed access to the Smart Stack and widgets.

Apple explains that Double Tap's enhanced performance is thanks to the S9 chip's faster Neural Engine, which detects unique wrist movements and blood flow changes during the thumb-index finger double tap. For those with older devices, there is an alternative to Double tap that can be activated via Accessibility settings.