Apple Music adds monthly stats to Replay

Apple Music

Apple Music has introduced a significant update to its Apple Music Replay 2024 feature, offering subscribers a monthly glimpse into their music listening habits. This new addition provides a more detailed perspective compared to the annual Replay summary traditionally offered at year's end, which analyzes the previous year of music consumption.

The monthly Replay showcases the total listening minutes, top artists, songs, and albums from the previous month. It also includes unique monthly milestones. Subscribers can revisit these insights, as the data is archived, enabling them to delve into their musical journey month by month.

Unlike the annual Replay, the monthly version does not include a corresponding playlist or a highlight reel for users to add to their libraries. It's important to note that the feature is currently accessible only through a web browser.

Apple acknowledges that this feature is similar to Spotify Wrapped, though it hasn't reached the same level of popularity yet. It provides insights based on various factors like listening history, play counts, and total listening time.

To access your monthly Apple Music Replay, simply visit using a desktop or mobile browser. Sign in with your Apple ID linked to your Apple Music subscription and click the "Jump In" button. Here, you can select a specific period and share these insights on social media. While you can view monthly insights, remember that these don't come with a special playlist or highlight reel, unlike the yearly insights.

The yearly Replay playlist, updated weekly, is available in the Music app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can find it under the Listen Now tab, labeled "Replay: Your Top Songs by Year." From there, you can explore your top songs in a Replay playlist, share it, or add it to your library.

For those looking to see their Replay data, make sure you've listened to enough music on Apple Music. The service requires a certain amount of music playback before notifying you that your Replay is ready. Also, remember to keep the "Use Listening History" option enabled across your devices. If you share your device with children, consider setting up a Focus mode to temporarily disable listening history, preserving the accuracy of your stats.