Apple Music Classical released for iPad

Apple Music Classical

Apple Music Classical has expanded its reach beyond iPhones and Android devices, making its debut on iPads with the latest update. Version 1.1 is available on the App Store today. The update introduces a tailored interface optimized for the larger iPad display, featuring a navigation sidebar and media playback controls at the bottom.

In 2021, Apple acquired Primephonic, a classical music streaming service and integrated it into Apple Music. The result was the long-awaited launch of Apple Music Classical in March. This dedicated app offers a standalone experience for discovering and enjoying classical music, and provides access to over five million tracks, exclusive albums, curated playlists, and detailed composer information.

Distinguishing itself from the standard Apple Music app, Apple Music Classical allows users to search by composer, work, conductor, catalog number, and more. The app showcases commissioned high-resolution digital portraits of renowned composers, enhancing the classical music experience with artistic references from their respective periods.

The version 1.1 update not only introduces a new iPad-centric design but also maintains its commitment to offering metadata for recordings with detailed insights into composers and conductors. Despite being accessible through the standard Apple Music subscription, the Classical app ensures a more immersive experience for classical music enthusiasts.

While the app extends its availability to iPads, it maintains a limitation — an always-on internet connection is required for streaming with no offline playback or download option. The update now makes Apple Music Classical compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Apple Music Classical has yet to debut on macOS. Version 1.1 is the the first major update since the initial launch of the service in May. The Classical app is included for Apple Music subscribers, priced into the standard $10.99 per month subscription or as part of the Apple One bundle.