How can I turn on caps lock on the iPhone keyboard?

How can I turn on caps lock on the iPhone keyboard?

Trying to yell at someone on a text message and can't stand having to press the shift button for every letter on the iPhone virtual keyboard? There is a caps lock feature but for some reason Apple turns it off by default. To turn on caps lock:

Touch Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Enable Caps Lock -> ON

When you tap the shift button (up arrow at the left side of the screen) on the keyboard it will act as a normal shift and make one letter caps. For caps lock, double tap the shift button and it will turn blue. Everything you type will be caps until you turn off caps lock by tapping the shift button once more.


I had to turn my Caps lock enable switch OFF, then test it, and return and turn it back on. Then it worked. I think it got screwed up with the operating system upgrade installation.

Same me here...anyway its work for me thanks

Iphone 5c doesn't turn blue just shows an underline at that up arrow. Has to be a super quick double tap

YESSS, it worked! Thank you

yes i agree with u

It worked perfectly. Thanks

Same as first two! WOW IT WORKS FINALLY! :-) THANKS

A simple fix to a critical need but didn't come to me naturally. THANKS A LOT.. GRIN!

It worked... thanks

Worked a treat thank you...

iPhone 6 plus default is caps lock enabled but requires a fast double tap on the shift key to activate
As in iPhone 5 an underline replaces the blue on earlier models



You have to double click on the key to making the keypad to type in caps lock. After making the caps lock ON, you can type all the words in the caps. A single tap on the key will revert you to the normal typing mode.