AT&T to Offer Apple iPhone with No Contract?

In the world of Apple iPhone news and non-news, take one afternoon off and you'll likely miss a rumor and sometimes even a piece of useful information. Today's first missed tidbit comes in the form of a rumor out of The Boy Genius Report, which has offered up tasty iPhone rumors many a time.

This time, it's the suggestion that AT&T plans to sell the iPhone to customers without requiring them to sign a contract of any kind. The rumor is backed by a screenshot supposedly from an AT&T computer which shows three iPhone plans: postpaid, prepaid, and hybrid.

Apple iPhone Pre-Paid GoPhone plans available?

Though past information out of the The Boy Genius Report has been amongst the most believable out of the iPhone rumor mill, this one is a little hard to swallow. Not only would allowing non-contract customers access to the iPhone be out of character for AT&T/Cingular, who normally limits selection for pre-paid plans to what most would consider second class phones, it could seemingly be the opening of a pandora's box of control issues regarding the distribution and availability of the iPhone.

Additionally, AT&T has worked hard to obtain long term US exclusivity of the iPhone. One of the goals of such, presumably, being to lure customers under contract with other US providers to break their relationships with their current provider and launch one with AT&T. Offering the iPhone up to anyone off the street would clearly defeat this.

Who knows? We don't, for sure.



I'm with you folks. I can't see what AT&T would have to gain in the long run from serving up the iPhone to prepaid customers.

Moreover, it is incorrect that ATT limits pay as you go to second class phones. Its Go Phone plans only comes with a few phone options, but for regular pay as you go you can buy any of ATT's phone to use with that provided you pay the full price for the phone.

Therumor makes perfect sense to me, and I am betting is highly probable. ATT is using the iPhone introduction to win over consumers. Since, 1) ATT will not subsidize the iPhone, 2) since the iPhone will only work on ATT's own network, and 3) since ATT has a five year exclusive contract to carry the iPhone, why wouldn't ATT allow consumer's to pay as you go? People paying $500 and $600 for a phone clearly are going to keep coming back to ATT to buy more minutes, and that is all ATT cares about is bringing in more consumers to the fold.

Moreover, comparisions with what ATT does with other phone companies are irrelevant as ATT does not have the same type of exclusive contract with anybody else as it does Apple, and it subsidizes most of the other phones. Also, ATT wants to move as many phones as possible, as it gets a sales cut on the phones it sells. Everything else is gravy.

This is like the 100th time i have posted what i am about to say. My friend works at an AT&T store and she is the manager. She told me that the iphone would be shipped to them on June 8th and would be sold that night at midnight meaning June 9th.. They will have midnight madness! The phone will only be sold to new cingular customers and to people taking out a new account due to thier limited amount of phones which are not alot per each store!! Believe it or not this is the truth, she is the manager so what can i say... I will just have to be there the day before to get my hands on one of those becuase even thought she's my friend, the memo at&t send them also says they can give advantage to anyone nor reserve phones for anyone but themselves....

if the iphone will only work with at&t for the next 5 years, and somebody is willing to fork over $500 for a phone that is exclusive to AT&T, i don't see why a contract would be necessary. obviously,... if you want to use your $500 invesment you have to use AT&T . if they don't require a contract, they are still guranteed ALL the iphone customers and also can bragg about not requiring a contract. yet another selling point that really doesn't help any consumers.

Hey everyone it isn't true that the iphone can only be used with att phones. It's called a sim card and since tmobile uses sim cards you can use the iphone if you have tmobile and other phones with a sim card requirement. At&t wants people to stay with their network of course thats why they say that. Also they will tell the format may not work on a tombile phone but it will because a guy that works in tmobile where I went showed me his and it worked and looked just fine he could use the phone on the tmobile network and he didn't have any problems

Kudos to Jonathan for saying his 'manager friend' told him they would be available June 9th at midnight. Wrong.

This information is true. I work at AT&T Corporate and know some details about the plan structures for Iphone. They are also introducing a new redneck plan where you can pay with empty bud light bottles and Nascar T Shirts.

I've been to the AT&T Store in Towson Marketplace, here in Maryland, and have confirmed that AT&T will support the purchase of an iPhone for their pre-paid plans. This was almost 3months ago. They, at this point, do not offer any "discount" for the phone without the contract, but you can purchase one on your own and register for the full service. Many suppliers of AT&T phones can and will offer the phone at a reasonable price (comparatively speaking) without the contract right now.

Is it now necessary to take AT& t Contract if we bring i-phone from US .
I want to use it in India , is there any way of cracking AT&T contract .