How can I pair my iPhone with a Bluetooth device?

How can I pair my iPhone with a Bluetooth device?

Bluetooth devices must be paired with the iPhone before use. Follow these steps to pair your Bluetooth device with the iPhone.

1. Make sure the Bluetooth device is set up to be discoverable or to search for other Bluetooth devices.
2. On the iPhone, choose Settings -> General -> Bluetooth -> ON
3. Choose the device on the iPhone and enter the passkey or PIN number for the device.
4. The Bluetooth device is now paired with the iPhone.

To use the Bluetooth device for calling, you must connect the headset or car kit with the iPhone. See the instructions that came with your headset or car kit to connect to the iPhone.

When connected to a Bluetooth device, the iPhone will route outgoing calls through the device. If you answer an incoming call with the iPhone, the call will be routed through the iPhone. When using the Bluetooth device to answer an incoming call the call will be routed through the Bluetooth device.


iPhone 5 will not pair up with the computer in any setting. Both search and search and search and searc . . . .;

I phone bluetoot never pair with other telephone
so many people go for user friently phone and many small mistake are in the IPhone

I had purchased a i phone 5s in June 2014. From last few days I am not able to pair up this telephone with any of the device. The device identifies this Telephone ,However this Phone is not able to discover the devices near by.
Can you please guide.
Satish Chandra

How do I get my Iphone 4s to connect bluetooth automatically to my car?

Need help pairing iphone to bluetooth i n Regal Buick 2011 car.

How do I pair my iPhone with my bluetooth device?

What if you forgot your pin #

How do I pair my new IPhone 6s Plus to my car's Bluetooth device?

trying to find where put in pin # to sync to ford truck

where do i put the pin # car is telling me I need where on I phone can i put it in i do not see a device option

Where do I the pin # car is telling me I need where on the phone can I put it in I do not see a device option

I just got an iphone 6 plus and it will not hook up to my 2013 nissan pathfinder. It will say connected for about 2 seconds then it automatically goes to disconnect. I have followed all the voice commands for the pairing and no matter what I do it does not stay connected. Please help

Please give a solution ASAP.

When your iPhone finds the item you are trying to pair with, try entering a series of numbers say 1234 on the item and then on the iPhone. Indeed, the ' old-fashioned ' way. This was how I paired my iP6 to my car. In the normal course of events, the iPhone should generate a code but perhaps IOS 9.3.4 has a bug which hopefully should be fixed in IOS 9.3.5. Since fixing the problem that I had courtesy of an Apple technician, my iP6 has hooked up to the car each and everytime and right on time too!!

I bought i phone 6 plus and it is sucks. It does not pair with any phones through bluetooth. My old nokia can pair with blue tooth but my thousand dollar phone cant. I regret switching from android to i phone. It is useless. Dont buy i phones. From many reveiws it is a bad phone, it can not do much and does not worth the money.

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Did you find out how? I have a iPhone 6 and a 2010 megane just says phone not found

How do I get my IPhone 7 plus to connect Bluetooth automatically to my Lexus?

Phone was paired with car and worked beautifully until went on trip, put phone in airplane mode and now the phone is undiscoverable. What happened?

When you initially put your phone in airplane mode it disables all wireless connections, including Bluetooth. You're essentially turning your phone off in terms of connectivity.

my iPhone4 dose not pair with other devices( cannot get theirs signal) please help me to fix it thanks taghi mtm

My I Phone 4 does not pair with Bluetooth Speaker Phone Avantee

my iPhone4 dose not pair with other devices( cannot get theirs signal) please help me to fix it thanks taghi mtm

you put your phone in airplane mode. if you put your phone, it wont connect to wi-fi


When I pair my IPhone 5 with my car, it does not show the call history. how can I fix this?

Why do I need to enter a password to make a call through Sync in mt vehicle? My iPhone 5 is already paired with Ford Sync.