How can I pair my iPhone with a Bluetooth device?

How can I pair my iPhone with a Bluetooth device?

Bluetooth devices must be paired with the iPhone before use. Follow these steps to pair your Bluetooth device with the iPhone.

1. Make sure the Bluetooth device is set up to be discoverable or to search for other Bluetooth devices.
2. On the iPhone, choose Settings -> General -> Bluetooth -> ON
3. Choose the device on the iPhone and enter the passkey or PIN number for the device.
4. The Bluetooth device is now paired with the iPhone.

To use the Bluetooth device for calling, you must connect the headset or car kit with the iPhone. See the instructions that came with your headset or car kit to connect to the iPhone.

When connected to a Bluetooth device, the iPhone will route outgoing calls through the device. If you answer an incoming call with the iPhone, the call will be routed through the iPhone. When using the Bluetooth device to answer an incoming call the call will be routed through the Bluetooth device.


my iPhone4 dose not pair with other devices( cannot get theirs signal) please help me to fix it

my iPhone4 dose not pair with other devices( cannot get theirs signal) please help me to fix it

Just brought new car, with Bluetooth, previous owners phone keeps coming up eg Nokia, I put password in, but will not accept my I phone. Please help

All iPhone has Bluetooth problem. iPhone Bluetooth can not work and u never connect with any other mobile it's totally use less

I read any where regarding this issue by expert assignment writers online but i am not remembering that. I think some code or pin require to connect your cell with with the bluetooth devise.

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How do I get my Iphone 4s to pair with blue tooth. I turn on blue tooth and It just searches for devices.

My I Phone c refuses to connect with my mini bose speaker. It worked fine until recently. I deleted then reestablished the connection and it worked for a while. Now it will not connect again and where it says other devices in blue tooth settings i just get that spinning wheel and it never shows bose mini. My wifes phone works fine and mine works with cars uconnect. Whats up?

Not helpful. I have a iPhone 6. Your instructions do not tell me where to enter the PIN number on my phone.

I can't get my Jaw Bone to Pair with my Iphone 6. Can you help me?

I am having problems with pairing up my iPhone 6 plus to my car which is a Citroen DS sport what's happening is I am unable to put in a code because it is not displayed

I have the same issues, I've tried every idea suggested and nothing works. My car is a Mitsubishi Pajero and my phone iPhone 6+


I bought a new iPhone now can't pwir on same alpine in car think I have to delete old phone pair ? True. Just keeps spinning

How can I pair my iPhone with a samsung s 4 mini with blutooth

How do I pair my iPhone Bluetooth with other phones

The instructions to pair my iPhone with car is to find the device on my iPhone and enter pin number for the device. How do I get my car to show up as a device???? My car gives me a pairing code and says to enter it as my handsfree pairing code on my phone. Where do I find a place to enter a hands free pairing code on my iPhone 6?


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