How do I delete / remove app folders on the home screen in iPhone OS 4 / iOS 4?

How do I delete / remove app folders on the home screen in iPhone OS 4 / iOS 4?

You have the option to remove a folder on the home screen after it's created. To delete the folder and move your apps to the home screen follow these steps:

1. Touch and hold the folder you wish to remove.
2. Icons will wiggle. Touch the folder to display the apps inside.
3. While the apps are wiggling drag them out of the folder and onto the home screen.
4. If you don't want to save the apps in the folder you can delete them instead (touch the black circle on the corner of the icon you wish to delete).
5. When all of the apps have been deleted or dragged out of the folder the folder will disappear.
6. Press the home button to stop app icons from wiggling.



I tried this, the folder wiggles, but no "x" is present on the folder.
It remains in a "waiting" mode and I cant deleate it!

Try to power off your phone and switch it on again. This should delete "frozen-waiting" app.

i tried turning it off(the one downloading)but it still doesnt work!do i have to wait till its finished?

go to settings, general, restrictions, put in your code, deleting apps TURN IT ON, go back to app you want to delete and hold it down, the X will appear now, hit the X and it's gone just like magic.

Thank you!! This helped me so much !!

Thanks for that. Got rid of the pesty shortcut that I dint need anymore.

Brilliant thanks - that helped me too - everyone was saying I should definitely see the x and there were none on any on my apps! :)

thanks worked well

the instructoin is of good help, thanks but a more pressing issue is deleting photos from photo library and RM. any useful clue is welcome

I was on the phone with apple and iTunes for an hour and a half last week for this. They had me do it through iTunes on a laptop. Today I tried to delete a shortcut the same way and couldn't do it. This worked. Thank you so much

I have iphone 4 and after i updated an application from the store there is i icon for open but on home screen the icon is waiting. i want to delete this application and used restriction but still unable to delete the icon. what to do?

You saved the day, I have ask so many people over the past 4 months how to delete Apps my daughter installed and no one knew this trick, even the guy at the sprint store. Thank You

Mine still doesn't work, I do what you said but then when I press down on the app and click x it doeant delete?

The above comments have really helped. However, instead of TURNING ON RESTRICTIONS I had to do the following on my IPhone 5s;

Go to settings, restrictions, put in my passcode, then TURN OFF RESTRICTIONS. Go out of settings, hold down the app you want to delete, the X appears, hit the X on the app and the apo is deleted. If you wish to turn restrictions ON ypu can of course do so.

I have same trouble for months and don't know what to do, today I found your answer and I got it. Thank you so very much. You are the greatest.

I tried the X, I tried the restrictions, etc. nothing works

I tried the same on my iPhone 5C. None of the above. The icons do dance when I press on them, but no X appears on the problematic apps. Help...

How do I do it on I phone 7. It didn't work

Did you ever get to resolve your issue? Because I'm having the same issues really deleting apps from my home screen it will go but no it is present my keys so that I can remove it :-(

tried it and it worked great

all the icons on the homesreen wiggled. touched utility app. nothing. I could move it. the contents were not enlarged. there was no way that the apps in the utility folder could be moved to the homescreen, which is what I wanted. another bust.

засунул значки в папку , показывает что в папке они есть захожу а она типо пустая что делать !!?

How do i find an app on my iphone (its a facebook app, it cames with my iphone) but i deleted it!!! when i went on the app store , they told me it's installed, but when I go on my home screen , I cant find it ! Help me plz :) Thx ..

Did you try searching your phone or syncing it?

hi there , i got a iphone 4s and my apps are in a folder , i try to get it out but every time i try it say " the application home ( has stoppe unexpectedly. please try again" and every time i try again it keeps say the same thing, can you please help me, because my sms app is in a folder and i can access it, which means i can make a sms text out

My facebook has disappeared of my blackberry menu.I need to find it please

My facebook has disappeared of my blackberry menu.I need to find it please

it really works.... Thank you

Thanks! it worked!

I have iPhone 4S which is jailbroken ios 7.0.4 an when I want to remove any app the x appear on the app I want to delete but it don't work I cannot delete it then I remove it from setting > general > usage so plz help me.