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Apple to launch iPhone 6s, new iPads and Apple TV in September

Apple TV 2015

Save the date. Apple has probably scheduled a media event for Wednesday, September 9th to reveal the iPhone 6s. But that's not all, according to John Paczkowski at BuzzFeed. The iPhone updates are just the tip of the iceberg, with new iPads and a long-awaited Apple TV refresh also in the works. The only remaining question is whether or not Apple will deliver the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Apple Media Event Confirmed at Flint Center

Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino has seen two historic Apple events, and now a third is scheduled for September 9th at 10am Pacific Time. The original Mac was launched at this venue in 1984, and the iMac was revealed in 1998. Speculation is rampant that Apple has something big up their sleeve for 2014.

iOS 8 iPhone 6 iWatch event

Invitations have been delivered to selected members of the media, confirming the date, time and venue but not much else. With a tag line stating "We wish we could say more," the fact that Apple is not using its preferred spot at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco this time around speaks volumes. While many agree a wearable device such as the iWatch is on its way, analysts are all over the map when it comes to predicting a timeline for release.

It's Almost Here! Apple Officially Announces iPhone 5 Event!

After two years of misleading iPhone 5 reports the rumor mill finally got something right! Apple has just sent out invites to the highly anticipated next generation iPhone event, which will take place on next Wednesday, September 12, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00 am. iMore and iLounge accurately predicted the September 12th date back in July. Now it's time to see if other predictions such as an iPad mini announcement, or an entire iOS refresh turn out to be true.

iPhone 5

The most interesting thing about the invite pictured above is the shadow being cast by the number 12. Many people believed the next generation iPhone would not be called the iPhone 5 because it’s a sixth-generation device. It was assumed that Apple would drop the numerical suffix and call it the "new iPhone", just like they did with the third-generation iPad. However, the number 5 shadow pictured on the invite seems to suggest Apple will be sticking with the fan branded name "iPhone 5".

iPhone 4S Surprises Not Mentioned in Apple's Keynote

Even though the iPhone 4S won't hit shelves for another day or two, several surprises have cropped up that Apple didn't mention at the keynote presentation. Some of these are great news for those in the market for an iPhone 4S. Other items that have slowly leaked out might not sound too optimistic but in the scheme of things there should be no major deal breakers for Apple.

iPhone 4S surprises

Of course, many iOS 5 features continue to be discovered and Apple chose to discuss only highlights at the keynote, including the Siri personal assistant, iCloud and improvements to AirPlay. This is certainly the tip of the iceberg as Apple has included over 200 new features in iOS 5. So what did Apple keep to themselves about the iPhone 4S?

iPhone Numbers, New Features Revealed at iPhone 4 Keynote

Steve Jobs revealed some stunning numbers today at the Apple iPhone 4 event. There have been 50 million iPhones sold, and an additional 35 million iPod Touch units. In addition to all of these devices running iPhone OS, iPad sales topped 450k units so far this week.

apple iphone os 4.0

In six days, iPad users have downloaded 3.5 million iPad applications and 600k iBooks. Total downloads for the App Store to date is a whopping 4 billion downloads. There are 185,000 apps available, including 3,500 iPad only apps so far. With all of these mobile devices running Safari, Apple's share of mobile browser usage dominates at 64 percent. In second place comes the Android browsers with 19 percent, and BlackBerry takes third with a 9 percent total share.


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