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Apple to improve iPhone 15 charging cable

Apple USB-C cable

Apple has been gearing up for changes to the charging experience with the iPhone 15 lineup. Recent leaks suggest multiple upgrades to the standard Lightning cable that currently ships with the iPhone. All but confirmed is Apple's shift to adopting the USB-C standard, foregoing the proprietary Lighting port in use since 2012.

How to import photos directly to iPhone with iOS 9.2

Lightning photo import iPhone

The iOS 9.2 update featured a long list of improvements, bug fixes and new features. While Apple Music, News, and Mail Drop made headlines, photographers will enjoy one important item buried in the list. Apple's $29 accessory, the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter is now compatible with the iPhone. Until the iOS 9.2 launch, the cable could only be used in conjunction with an iPad.

Does the Lightning to 30-pin iPhone 5 adapter support audio out?

Yes, both analog and USB audio out are supported by the Lightning adapter. This means that older accessories using USB audio or analog audio input via the 30-pin dock connector should work with the iPhone 5 adapter.

As Apple states, some accessories will not work with the adapter. This is because the Lightning to 30-pin adapter does not support iPod mode or video out. iPod mode makes it possible for third party accessories to display menus from your iOS device on their screens.

Is the Lightning iPhone 5 dock connector MagSafe?

No. Reports on the new Lightning dock connector initially suspected the 8-pin plug would utilize Apple's proprietary MagSafe technology. MagSafe connectors were introduced on MacBook Pro computers in 2006 and detach without harming the plug or cable when the wire is suddenly pulled.

This prevents damage if someone steps on the power cable, for example. As it turns out, Apple's official iPhone 5 specifications and those of the Lightning to 30-pin adapters have no mention of MagSafe functionality.

Is the Lightning to 30-pin iPhone 5 adapter free?

There were some reports that Apple would be providing iPhone 5 owners with a free Lightning to 30-pin adapter so the new iPhone could be used with older accessories.

This is not the case. Apple will not ship the iPhone 5 with an adapter. The adapter will be available starting in October 2012 on Apple's website for $29. There will also be an 8-inch cable version available for $39.


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